A great benefit auctioneer not only provides your organization with the peace of mind that your guests will be treated with respect while feeling entertained and engaged, but also that your event will generate substantial funding. While celebrity auctioneers can increase the profile and help promote your event, a professional auctioneer practices a fine art that is proven to increase enthusiasm, excitement and engagement, which equates to greater donations for your organization.

Professional Consultation

Your organization can draw upon our years of experience planning and running charity events to help your event run as efficiently, effectively, and smoothly as possible. The Blackbird team will be available to you as a valuable resource—from planning the schedule of activities to selecting the most appropriate auction items, our expertise can be the difference between meeting or exceeding your goals.

Maximization of Fundraising

In addition to working the room and controlling the crowd on event day, Blackbird will work with event coordinators at your venue to assess the room beforehand to address the layout and flow of scheduled activities—an essential part of planning your event which is often overlooked or dictated by the caterer. During the silent auction, a strategy will be in place to make sure the flow of the room is consistent with bringing in bids. For the live auction, seating and viewing will be maximized for audience engagement.

Audience Experience

Your goal is to raise funds for your organization, but your guests have myriad other motivations for attending your event. Even the most philanthropic attendees may need some coaxing to raise their paddle. Our auctioneer will engage your audience with inspirational energy and passion, encouraging them to bid with confidence—in both the silent and live auction aspects of your event.

Volunteer Training

Volunteers are integral to any successful fundraiser. Blackbird will train your volunteers on what to expect during the auction, and how best to interact with the audience and the auctioneer. This training promotes a team atmosphere, providing a smoother event.