Over the years, we’ve figured out that the specifics determine the campaign and the selling process. Because it matters if you need to sell within 30 days, or if the union is hostile.

It also matters if we are describing a "cut-to-length line" versus a 60-inch McKay cut to length line; max material thickness 10 GA; .105 at 40,000 PSI yield; min. material thickness .036; speed range 45/60/90 FPM; max. gauge at 60 FPM .105; max gauge at 90 FPM .074; cut lengths 12-inch min. to 162-inch max; original install 1984. McKay 15,000# x 60-inch payoff reel, ID range 15–20-inch (w/o adapters), 20.5–25-inch (with adapters), hydraulic expansion, sliding base with 12-inch travel, friction brake. Side trimmer with 7-inch diameter knife, (2) 7-inch diameter by 66-inch long entry pinch rolls, 10 GA capacity. 60-inch McKay leveler, (9) 2.5-inch diameter leveling rolls by 66-inch long (backed up), (1) 5.725-inch diameter measuring roll and 6-inch diameter pinch roll, hump table, 3½” diameter power driven pinch rolls. McKay 60" mechanical upcut shear (sn 9685); .135/10GA capacity, max cuts per minute: 200; air clutch. 7.5 hp McKay 20,000 lb. coil car (sn 22491 model BGY-20), 72" max OD x 50" max coil width. This line has been upgraded with programmable length control (ver. 2.02.01) and new 25 HP Baldor E+ lever drive in 2007.

The devil isn’t the only one invested in the details.