For Sale

Cubic Block Graphilor Heat Exchangers
For Sale –
Two Graphilor Heat Exchangers, Models K90/45

These two heat exchangers are constructed with Graphilor,  which has excellent refractory and mechanical properties, very good thermal conductivity and temperature resistance and also have exceptional corrosion resistance

Price - $8,000 each

Metaullics tube heat exchange
For Sale –
Used 34.3 Sqft. Metaullics Systems Co. L.P. (Carborundum) Impervious Graphite Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Price - $5,000

Graham Gas Pump
For Sale –
Unused Graham Precision Pumps, Gas Pump

Price - $4,000

Waukesha Pump 2For Sale – Waukesha Positive Displacement Pump

Waukesha pumps have been the market leader in sanitary positive rotary pumps for over 50 years. There are thousands of Waukesha sanitary displacement pumps running food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care production facilities all over the world.

Price - $3,500

Interpack case taperFor Sale – Interpack case taper, model USA 2324 BB

This bottom belt drive case sealer is the preferred style for processing heavier cases as well as when coding short height cases. Alternative drive styles are preferred for void fills, over fills and unstable narrow cases


VideoJet inkjet printerFor Sale – Five VideoJet small character inkjet printers

Ideal for marking on flat or curved surfaces, continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology is a non-contact printing method that can utilize a range of continuous inkjet inks to print on almost any substrate.

$1,500 each

ABB Commander 1900For Sale – Two ABB Commander 1900 single pen chart recorders

Commander 1900 is a general purpose circular chart recorder with up to 4 pen recording providing full application flexibility. Pen ranges can be individually set to give the best resolution for each signal and the time per revolution can be selected from between one hour and thirty-two days.

$500 each