January 14, 2012 - We conducted a very successful online auction of Qualtech Pins & Fasteners in Buffalo NY, a cold heading shop that specialized in manufacturing precision dowl pins.  We thought we would take this opportunity to explain the pretty nifty ability cold heading equipment has to transform a simple wire into an intricately shaped part, such as a screw, bolt, nut, rivet, or specialized fastener.  Although their function seems so basic, these small metal parts play a huge role in keeping some industries afloat, and few people know how they're made.

Cold Headed Bolts

Cold heading is a process that starts with metal wire (often steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, or a precious metal, such as gold, silver or platinum) that is formed into a blank.  Then, a high-speed automated cold header applies force to the blank with a punch and a die.  When the force applied by the die exceeds the metal blank's yield strength, the material gives and takes on the shape of the die.  All this is done without the addition of heat; hence the "cold" heading.

Cold Headed Dowl Pins

The process is so effective, first, because it allows a supplier to make many extremely precise parts (up to 400 a minute) in innumerable different shapes, including custom designs.  Second, the cold forming process strengthens the metal through deformation.  This makes cold headed parts far more durable and resistant to shock and fatigue than small metal parts created through other processes.  Third, no scrap metal is produced because the metal is shaped, rather than cut or otherwise removed.  All these elements lead to speed, efficiency, and low costs, always appreciated by the customer!

Our online auction in Buffalo went off perfectly with participation from around the world but the buyers mostly US national based.  Prices were strong and above our appraised value which is always a nice suprise for the seller.

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